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3 Superfruits For A Super Mood

pitaya passion bowlNutrition is not about the foods you give up, but about the life you gain. Most people focus on how much they eat instead of honing in on what they should eat. This makes dieting a tiresome activity focused on avoiding certain foods and counting calories when it really should be about achieving a life filled with positivity, energy, and strength. That’s why more people should look to superfruits. What are superfruits? We’re glad you asked! Superfruits are fruits that supply an abundance of nourishing antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These vital nutrients create a sense of wellbeing that is positive, strong, and in love with life. Superfruits earned their “super” title from nutrition scientists who are amazing at their ability to help others live longer, look better, and even fight disease. Looking good starts with eating good, so here are three superfruits that will put you in a super mood!

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These little blue fruits are beloved among many. They taste amazing, and they contain the perfect combination of sweet and tart. More importantly, blueberries are incredibly nutritious and are among the world’s most mighty sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants in blueberries help regulate important brain functions and even help prevent the brain from being under oxidative stress. Antioxidants also help protect skin from neutralizing free radicals, which damage skin cells. By including blueberries in your diet, you can help keep your body clean, your skin glowing, and your mind sharp. You can quickly harness the power of blueberries in your life with a clean, organic smoothie or bowl from Juice It Up!. Favorite creations include our Protein Blast and Açaí Berry Bowl. Moreover, any bowl or smoothie can be topped with blueberries for even more blueberry goodness.


Who knew that a prickly cactus fruit could be so pretty and pink? Even more astounding, who knew that it could be so filled with life-changing micronutrients? Pitayas, or dragon fruit, are deliciously sweet and are definitely one of the best superfruits for your Instagram feed and diet. It’s a superfood packed with antioxidants, making it a powerful fruit to keep your skin looking tight and young. Pitayas skin and seeds are also packed with fiber to help clean your digestive system and help you feel fuller for longer. You can find pitaya in our popular smoothies and bowls such as the Pitaya Sunset Smoothie or the Pitaya Passion Bowl. Each are loaded with rich flavor and beneficial antioxidants, magnesium, and B vitamins.

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Eating healthy, clean, and nutrient rich food supplies your body with energy beyond measure. When it comes to superfruits, there are few as functioning and energizing as the açaí berry. Within their pulp and skin, you’ll find antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals. For this reason, açaí is recognized as one of the most praised superfruits on our planet. These berries have powerful detoxifying qualities and can help you achieve a healthy heart, glowing skin, easier digestion, and stronger overall health. You can immediately experience the rewards of açaí berries with a empowering smoothie or bowl from Juice It Up!. Fan favorites include our Ultimate Açaí Smoothie, Protein Açaí Bowl, and Cold Brew Açaí Bowl. You’ll love each of these unique and nourishing blends. All in all, blueberries, pitayas, and açaí make up the foundations for healthy eating that produces healthy living. If you want to try all three of these superfruits in one amazing bowl, you should try our Super Fusion Bowl. It’s packed full of antioxidants, healthy omega fats, protein, magnesium, and fiber. You’d be surprised how saying “yes” to this healthy bowl can usher in positive change unlike you’ve discovered before.

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