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3 Surprising Benefits Of Vital Proteins® Collagen

Vital proteins blue bowlCollagen one of the biggest buzzwords in health and fitness. Every health expert, beauty guru, and fitness enthusiast are talking about collagen. The hype is so big, that Vital Proteins collagen is being called one of the most important wellness products of all time.

If you’re like us, you don’t fall for health fads easily. However, the scientific findings and life-transformations that people are experiencing shows this may be a rare instance where all the excitement is actually justified.

What Is Collagen?

One hard realization that people have as they enter adulthood is: it is very difficult to give your body the essential nutrients it needs. The demands of work, education, or family life make it nearly impossible to prepare meals that meet critical dietary needs. One neglected dietary need is collagen: an essential protein.

Collagen the most abundant protein in your body. It makes up about one-third of your body’s total protein. It is found in your muscles, blood, skin, bones, cartilage, and ligaments, and it is the essential foundation of healthy joints, hair, nails, and skin. For thousands of years, collagen has been a fundamental part of the human diet, most commonly in the form of bone broth made from animal bones. Diets today are seriously lacking in collagen, and the human body cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own. This is why Vital Proteins collagen is on the forefront of this movement with a timely supplement for this generation. They provide an unbelievable health hack that supplies your body crucial amino acids that you’ve been without for so long. If you join this movement, here are three surprising benefits you may experience if you start consuming collagen regularly.

1. Powerfully Support Your Joint Health

Collagen is a gel-like, smooth substance that coats and grips bones together so that they can move with ease. As you get older and your body continues to be immersed in physical activity, your cartilage begins to weaken and deteriorate. Consequently, you may start to feel locked and achy joints that make it painful to move. Bodies with healthy collagen levels can prevent many of these joint complications so that bones stay lubricated and injury is prevented. Vital Proteins collagen is not just a recommended supplement for athletes who want to make workout drinks and stay active; it’s a recommended supplement for anyone who moves.

2. Show Off Radiant Skin, Nails, Teeth, and Hair

Amino acids found in collagen are essential building blocks for skin, nails, and hair. Unfortunately, collagen production decreases as the human body ages. This decline manifests itself in the form of loose skin, increased wrinkles, shallow hair, and timid nails. By igniting collagen production, you can help your body veil itself with skin that’s healthy, firm, and smooth. Moreover, when your skin cells are damaged, collagen serves on the front lines to repair and renew your skin. It cannot be overemphasized how necessary collagen is to maintain a youthful appearance. Collagen reduces wrinkles, stretch marks, and dimples from the inside out. It helps hair bountifully gain length and strength. It assists healthy teeth development and retention. Lastly, it helps nails grow steadily to prevent peeling and splitting. The more collagen you take, the younger you’re going to feel and the younger you’re going to look.

3. Improve Digestion and Gut Health

If you are concerned about bad toxins passing through your digestive tract, collagen can be a life-changing supplement for you. It helps sooth your gut’s lining by breaking down proteins into amino acids that heals damaged cell walls. Irritation and inflammation from an unhealthy gut are often attributed as the cause for many illnesses. Thus, sronger cell walls result in a more protected gastrointestinal tract. It’s no wonder why Vital Proteins collagen is known for its “sealing and healing!”

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Get Your Vital Proteins Collagen at Juice It Up!

There are many types of collagen supplements out there, but the one that is most loved, used, and talked about is the collagen from Vital Proteins. It’s the most trusted brand that people across the world have seen the best results from. Here is what we love about them:

  • There are zero fillers in their powder
  • They use a third party to test for microbiological components and heavy metals
  • Their containers are BPA free and they completely seal out moisture to prevent contamination
  • Every product comes from authentic, natural food sources
  • Their products are gluten free and Whole 30 approved

The most common way to make Vital Proteins collagen a regular part of your diet is through smoothies. Vital Proteins collagen powder is thin and tasteless so it does not affect the taste or texture of anything you blend it with. Whether you make a meal replacement smoothie, a pre/post-workout smoothie, or a smoothie for fun, collagen is the perfect add-on to any Juice It Up! smoothie. Vital Proteins collagen is also packed with protein so you can easily turn any smoothie into a high protein smoothie!

Find a Juice It Up! near you today to boost your smoothie and experience the amazing benefits Vital Proteins collagen.

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