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A Fresh Juice Franchise Can Change Your Community


rejuvenator smoothie For fresh juice franchise owners, it’s quite clear the positive affects their business has on their local community. Fresh raw juice businesses help people live healthy. The benefits of raw juice are impressive: mental sharpness, increased energy, cleansing, detox and weight loss among other advantages. Many people drink fresh juice as a meal replacement or go on a regular juice fast, whether that is one or more days a week, a couple times a month, or seasonally. These fasts help detoxify the body from all the wrong types of foods people eat on a daily basis. Pure, raw juice has a cleansing effect on the body, and once people try a juice fast they continue to work one into their schedules.

Fresh juice franchise owners have the ability to impact peoples’ health in their own community. Offering great raw juice products, along with healthy snacks, helps make it easy for people to live more healthy lives. On a daily basis, fresh juice shops provide a quick and convenient way for people to get healthy alternatives to fast food.

Juice It Up! is offering fresh juice franchises nationwide. Juice It Up! is an established leader in the fresh raw juice and smoothie bar industry, and has been providing top quality raw juice and smoothie blends for 20 years. Currently, over 85 Juice It Up! franchises are located across the country, bringing a change to the way people eat on the go.

Juice It Up! is unique because only the highest level of quality, fresh ingredients are used in their raw juice and smoothie blends. Adding to the freshness of the raw juice blends, only locally sourced fruits and vegetables are used. These unique and super fresh blends are primary reasons customers return to Juice It Up! locations repeatedly. More and more people are discovering the increased health benefits of eating healthy, which makes a fresh juice franchise business with Juice It Up! a logical step forward.

immunizerA Juice It Up! Fresh Juice Franchise Opportunity
Besides incredible products, atmosphere, lifestyle, and success, one ingredient you want to have in a franchise offering is unmatched corporate support and training. Support and training provided directly from Juice It Up! is among the most comprehensive in the industry. It doesn’t stop there. Detailed marketing plans and materials provided by Juice It Up! give you everything you need to succeed in your fresh juice shop. All of the blueprints for success are provided to franchise owners.

Franchise Opportunities with Juice It Up!
There are many great locations available nationwide for fresh juice franchises with Juice It Up! We are very interested in talking with prospective franchise owners who are looking for a healthy lifestyle business that brings healthy options to their community and helps people think differently about what they eat. It’s a fact that Juice It Up! locations are as diverse as the blends on the menu. Small shopping centers, malls, lifestyle centers, health clubs, and strip centers have all been host to Juice It Up! juice shops. Other unconventional locations have included college campuses, baseball stadiums, airports, kiosks, and more. Since 1995, Juice It Up! has been helping owners succeed with their own Juice It Up! franchise.

Contact Juice It Up! today to learn more about owning a Juice It Up! fresh juice franchise, and discover the unlimited potential that lies before you.

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