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Acerola: An Unbelievably Energizing Smoothie & Bowl

Superfruit Sunrise BowlEveryone could use more energy and immunity in their lives. That’s why so many people have an insatiable curiosity for the latest health and nutrition trends. For this reason, superfruits have risen to the top of people’s diets and priority lists. Superfruits are exceptional fruits praised by nutrition scientists for being packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that can help you look and feel amazing. Goji berries, turmeric, pitaya, and açai berries are all superfruits with their names written in the stars because of their nutritionally heroic attributes. However, there’s one unique superfruit that most people have never heard of. We’re talking about Acerola, a powerful superfruit from the Amazon that is loaded with antioxidants and 810% of your daily vitamin C. It’s the next big thing to come to you in Juice It Up!’s new Superfruit Sunrise smoothie and bowl.

What is Acerola?

Acerola is a superfruit that is native to tropical areas within the Western Hemisphere. In recent years, it’s gained massive praise and attention for being incredibly rich in vitamin C. According to the U.S. Department of agriculture, acerola provides more vitamin C than all other food choices. Thus, acerola is great for boosting your immune system and igniting energy. Want a cold-free summer? Acerola is the superfruit for the job. Need to recover from the flu and get back to enjoying your vacation? Acerola will provide essential nutrients that help you spring back into action. Along with vitamin C, acerola is rich in vitamin A, a recognized antioxidant that can help prevent free radical damage. Simply put, including acerola in your diet can significantly strengthen your immunity, endurance, and skin health.

Why You Need an Acerola Smoothie

Do you want an energizing and immune boosting summer? The Superfruit Sunrise smoothie and bowl have you covered. It is Juice It Up!’s most vitamin C-packed limited-time-offer to date, containing 10x more vitamin C than an orange! Additionally, this unique blend has concentrations of antioxidants which are anti-aging properties that can help you look and feel rejuvenated all summer long. Along with its bountiful health benefits, the Superfruit Sunrise serves people with diverse lifestyles including vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diets. It’s a smoothie and bowl that can be anyone’s best friend!

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A Tropical Blast of Sunshine in a Cup

The Superfruit Sunrise smoothie and bowl have many ingredients that make it a tropical, exhilarating, and sensational experience. It’s a delicious blend crafted with Acerola, orange juice, passion fruit juice, banana, pineapple, and ginger. Like sunshine, its bright orange color lights the room with positivity and joy before it even hits your tongue. Once you have the first taste, you’ll realize that this is a superfruit you’ve been missing your entire life. There’s truly nothing else like it.

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An Experience You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Juice It Up! is the first major chain to offer the acerola superfruit in a smoothie and bowl. You won’t find this superfruit blend anywhere else. If you’re looking for unforgettable memories and Instagrammable moments this summer, the artful presentation of the Superfruit Sunrise smoothie and bowl is guaranteed to delight. It’s great for all ages, and it’s sure to attract the curiosity of your friends and family. The Superfruit Sunrise smoothie and bowl is a gorgeous, functional, and refreshing treat that charms with its color, taste, and immune-boosting energy. Make sure you get your acerola smoothie and bowl before they go away August 30, 2019.

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