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Are Acai Bowl Franchises Good Investments?

acai bowlChoosing the right business idea is one of the most exciting and essential decisions an entrepreneur can make. If you’re passionate about business, community, and healthy living, you might be considering a career related to acai bowl franchises. Before diving in, it’s critical to think about the profitability and quality of the idea behind the opportunity. Juice It Up! was the first juice & smoothie bar to bring acai bowls to the U.S. and has answered many of the important questions surrounding acai bowl franchises. After reading through these, you’ll see that there is not a better time to become a Juice It Up! acai bowl franchisee:

1. Are acai bowl franchises saturated?
Right now, options for consumers to purchase acai bowls are limited. Competitors only allow franchisees to start an acai bowl franchise in certain markets whereas Juice It Up! has options that are broader and more flexible. There are only a handful of acai bowl franchises out there and none of them offer nearly the degree of support, expertise, and resources as Juice It Up!

This is great news because it means the market for acai bowls is developing, competition is slim, and Juice It Up! is ready to equip with everything you need to establish your franchise as a market leader.

2. Are acai bowl franchises in demand?
Smoothies account for $5 billion every year in the food industry. Out of this flourishing industry came smoothie bowls and acai bowls – an evolution of smoothies. Not only has this evolution taken place, but smoothie bowls are one of the hottest trends of 2016. And guess what? Demand is picking up. Rising health consciousness coupled with hectic on-the-go lifestyles have contributed to the popularity of acai bowls as meal replacements among consumers. Acai is a very successful product and it is expected to stay.

As the market is new and growing and meal replacement smoothie bowls build in demand, now is an unbelievably good time to get into the industry.

3. Are acai bowl franchises backed by good support and resources?
Juice It Up! is an established brand with years of experience. We started serving acai bowls over 15 years ago and have an immense library of knowledge and resources for starting a successful acai bowl franchise. Juice It Up! operates its franchises like a partnership and offers extensive support that is easily accessible to franchisees. This support from management includes help evaluating locations, sourcing materials, designing the architecture, training staff, launching the grand opening, marketing and advertising tools and templates to help you drive awareness and customers to your store, along with ongoing operational support after you’ve opened your store.

When you start your Juice It Up! franchise, management is going to do everything they can to make sure that you get the most out of your business and have the success and fulfillment you’re looking for.

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