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Best Business For Sale In Orlando


A person pouring a cup of red juiceAre you looking for the best business for sale in Orlando, Florida? After targeting several cities for growth throughout the state of Florida, Juice It Up! is proud to announce its expansion into the ripe Orlando market. Central Florida is a place where experienced and first-time entrepreneurs flourish, and now is a great time to invest with Juice It Up! A booming economy, proven business plan, and health conscious consumer base, make opening a Juice It Up! in Orlando an idea as sunny as the destination’s climate.

Capitalize on a Booming Economy

Buying the best business for sale in Orlando begins with identifying the nature of the economy. According to news site, Orlando Sentinel, “There is little disagreement among economists, and most consumer surveys, that the U.S. and Central Florida economies are growing – as they have during the last several years.” In fact, Charlie Fitzgerald, a financial planner in Orlando, heralds, “People are spending again, in a way they haven’t for years. They’re buying cars, houses, going on trips, making large gifts to their children. People don’t do that when they’re worried about the future.”

Given the immense economic growth in Central Florida, investors need to buy a business from a seller who knows how to capitalize on this economy and knows how to navigate it in every season. In all its years of expansion, Juice It Up! has seen company after company on the west coast fail because they could not find their advantage amidst the changing marketplaces, even when it was flourishing. Juice It Up! has demonstrated its mastery of this navigation on the west coast and now seeks to further expand it on the east coast. Central Florida’s economic growth coupled with the economic experience behind this 20-plus year thriving brand makes Juice It Up! a best business for sale in Orlando.

Capitalize on a Proven Business Plan

Whether you’re a long-time entrepreneur or first-time business owner, one of the most valuable things you can know is that purchasing an existing business is not merely about acquiring the building and staff. The real value is in the business’ strategic growth plan.

When you franchise with Juice It Up!, you gain more than a breathtaking store and innovative health -food products, you gain a proven blueprint for profitability that is going to give you the entrepreneurial freedom you’ve always wanted. This means you’re going to get the latest industry trends, actionable consulting, operations training, brand power, and ongoing support that’s all focused on one thing: your success. This isn’t talk. It’s a reality that has been seen in over 90 Juice It Up! stores that have been established since Juice It Up! was founded in 1995. This is absolutely one of the best franchise opportunities in Florida.

Capitalize on a Health-Conscious Consumer Base

Today, consumers are healthier than ever before. According to Technavio, the juice and smoothie industry is worth $9 billion and growing. Notably, in Orlando and central Florida there is a rising population of health-conscious, active-lifestyle individuals that are seeking out healthy alternatives to fast food. Given this immense population and demand, a new opportunity exists to establish the go-to business to a community of people who are passionate an active, outdoor lifestyle, and are drawn toward healthy raw juices and smoothies. And, surprisingly, there are no raw juice businesses currently present in Orlando! This is your chance to have real, meaningful impact on people’s lives, as well as your own.

Comprising of a booming economy, proven business plan, and healthy consumers, there’s no question that Central Florida’s market is ripe with opportunity. Invest in the best business for sale in Orlando from with established brand that knows create the best business opportunities for its franchisees.

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