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Franchise Juice Stores – A Great Opportunity

Juice stores are becoming one of the most sought after franchise opportunities for several reasons. They promote a healthy lifestyle, they have reasonable start up costs, and juicing is part of a growing market globally.

Juice stores promote healthy lifestyles. Most people across the country want to eat healthier, lose weight, get in shape, and live active and fit lives. People are beginning to seek out healthy options to the sea of fast food available on every street corner. As a result, juice stores are growing in popularity, especially in states where healthy lifestyles are valued. Over the past several years, energy drinks have grown in popularity. However, people are starting to realize that popular energy drinks are actually draining their bodies of nutrients and energy. They only provide a quick hit, then a crash. Juice stores provide people with pure natural healthy alternatives to the energy drink choices. Juice stores give juicers real energy, real nutrition and vitamins, and a feeling of wellbeing.

Juice stores have relatively low start up costs. When looking at different franchise offerings, juice stores provide a great business that is fun to own and operate, and can usually be started for a couple hundred thousand dollars. Juice store owners enjoy the opportunity to not only live a healthy lifestyle, but to share that with others in their community.

According to Global Industry Analysts, the market for global juicing smoothie bars was predicted to reach 10.7 billion by 2015. Juice stores are the right business for the right time, providing great products to people seeking to live healthy and eat right.

Juice Stores – Juice It Up! is the Smart Choice
Juice stores represent a growing market. It is important to partner with an established leader in the raw juice store space. As the “raw juice option instead of fast food” gains momentum, there will be many start up companies with little support, strategy, or track record in place to survive long term. The good news is that there is a great option that has stood the test of time and will continue to innovate on into the future. Since 1995, Juice It Up! has been creating great raw juice blends for customers in over 85 locations across America. Juice It Up! is very interested in talking with prospective franchise owners who are looking for a healthy lifestyle business that brings great health benefits to their community through great tasting raw juice blends and smoothies. There are many open markets available for both traditional shopping center juice stores to non-traditional locations such as college campuses, inside fitness gyms, baseball stadiums, and more. Juice It Up! has been helping business owners start successful juice and smoothie bars by providing them with outstanding support, training, marketing plans and marketing materialsContact Juice It Up! today to get all the details about a Juice It Up! juice store franchise opportunity and the unlimited potential that exists for you.

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