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Franchise Opportunities In Texas That Promote A Healthy Lifestyle


acai smoothieFranchise opportunities in Texas are plentiful, but if you are looking for something more specifically related to a healthy lifestyle and healthy living, your choices are more limited. This presents a huge opportunity because, right now, there is significant market demand for nutritionally driven franchises. People in Texas are watching their waistlines today more than ever before and consumers have turned to raw juices and smoothies to support them in obtaining their fitness goals. This makes now the time to open a healthy franchise and what better opportunity in Texas than Juice It Up!, a franchise that has already created a profitable business model and a highly desired product line.

Franchise Opportunities in Texas – Market Demand

One of the most important factors to consider when starting a franchise is market demand. Noticeably, demand for raw juice and smoothies have increased industry wide, especially in Texas. Of course most people think a smoothie business is the same as a raw juice bar, but not necessarily. Smoothies are great, but they are a blend of yogurt, ice cream, fruits, ice, and additives like vitamins, protein, immunity powders, etc. Smoothies are refreshing, and are a much better snack then many of the alternatives available, especially for kids. But a smoothie is a little different than a raw juice drink. Raw juice drinks are literally the juice squeezed from fruits and vegetables. They are full of nourishing ingredients, and they have a direct effect on your health and wellness in a very positive way.

So who is Juice It Up!…a juice bar, or a smoothie store…the answer is both. Juice It Up! is an established leader in raw juice and smoothie bar industry, and has been providing top quality raw juice and smoothie blends for over 20 years. There are currently over 85 Juice It Up! franchises located across the country. One unique feature about Juice It Up! is that only the highest level of quality, fresh ingredients are used in our raw juice and smoothie blends. Adding to the freshness of the raw juice blends, only locally sourced fruits and vegetables are used. These unique and super fresh blends are primary reasons customers return to Juice It Up! stores again and again. It’s no secret that raw juice provides enormous health benefits such as increased energy, mental sharpness, detox, cleansing and weight loss among other advantages. More and more people are discovering the increased health benefits of eating healthy. Unlike ever before, consumers are becoming more conscience of the life-changing health benefits raw juices and smoothies have and this is influencing their daily purchasing habits. Both of these products are increasingly sought after and Juice It Up! offers consumers a fast and convenient way for people on the go to get the nutrients they are seeking in top quality fresh raw juice and smoothie blends. Juice It Up!’s recipes far surpass the competition and creates raving fans that are unprecedented in this industry.

In order to meet the needs of this nationwide market demand, Juice It Up! offers Dallas Fort Worth franchising opportunities along with Houston, and San Antonio Texas. If you are not located in one of these cities, there could still be an opportunity for you, just contact Juice It Up! and inquire about your particular location in Texas. Now is the time to bring Juice It Up!’s proven business model and highly desired products to market.

A franchise opportunity in Texas with unmatched corporate support and training is what Juice It Up! provides franchisees. Support and training provided directly from Juice It Up! are the most comprehensive in the industry. Detailed marketing plans and materials provided by Juice It Up! provide you with everything needed to be successful in your Juice It Up! business. All of the blueprints for success are provided to franchise owners. The raw juice bar franchise opportunities in Texas with Juice It Up! are available right now for you.

Franchise Opportunities in Texas – Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio

There are many great Texas locations available for raw juice bar franchise opportunities with Juice It Up!. Choosing the right location and possibility among all the Texas franchise opportunities is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To help you in this transformative decision, Juice It Up! not only provides highly desired products, blueprints for success, and ongoing operation support after opening, but we also offer exceedingly valuable market research and location scouting to ensure you’re planted in an area conducive for success. It is important to note that Juice It Up! locations are as diverse as the blends on the menu. Some business owners choose to be located in small shopping centers, power centers, lifestyle centers or strip centers, while others have chosen many unconventional locations included college campuses, inside fitness gyms, baseball stadiums, shopping malls, and more. Since 1995, Juice It Up! has been helping business owners find ideal locations, provided everything needed to get their businesses in place and running, and has given great support in the form of marketing materials, training, and confidence. Whether that be in Austin, Dallas, Houston, wherever you are seeking entrepreneur endeavors in Texas, Juice It Up! will do everything to make sure you get the most out of your business and have the success and fulfillment you’re looking for.

If you have a passion for business ownership, healthy living, and community transformation, there is no better franchise opportunity in Texas than Juice It Up! We are very interested in talking with prospective franchise owners who are looking for a healthy lifestyle business that brings healthy options to their community through great raw juice blends and smoothies. Juice It Up’s commitment to its franchisees in Texas and across the United States is that it will always strive to meet the needs of its franchisees and communities. Juice It Up! has seen many individuals find personal, family, and life fulfillment through this franchise opportunity.

Contact Juice It Up! today to find out all the details about owning a Juice It Up! raw juice and smoothie bar franchise opportunity in Texas and discover the unlimited potential that awaits you.

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