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Innovative Smoothie Franchise – Juice It Up!

protein blast smoothieWhen it comes to new business opportunities, there is one thing that can make or break your investment: innovation. A business owner’s ability to succeed is dependent on their ability to adapt and innovate. Whether that be in the areas of marketing, efficiency, products, or the customer experience, innovation is the name of the game. Many people think that franchising by its essence discourages innovation; however, the opposite is true when it comes to starting a smoothie franchise with Juice It Up!

Innovating Healthy Lifestyles for Over 20 Years
For over 20 years, Juice It Up! has continued to evolve as a brand, but never wavered from the commitment to providing delicious, lifestyle products. Juice It Up! is the gateway to a healthier lifestyle for all of the customers and communities it serves. Time and time again, franchisees share how excited they are to be positively influencing the overall wellness of their customers.

“Obesity is a huge issue in our country,” franchisee, Willie Smith, proclaims, “so Juice It Up! is truly a business that I am proud to be a part of. The healthy products make it possible for me to continue to serve my community and help work toward a healthier America.”

Innovating Products Ahead of the Trends
Every product is designed to meet the varying needs of guests at all different levels of health. Juice It Up! is committed to leading the smoothie industry in product innovation and its talented team is constantly at work to stay ahead of the trends. When it comes to quality of ingredients and transparency with discerning customers, avid juicers and smoothie-lovers alike, Juice It Up! has a responsibility to set the bar high.

Juice It Up! focuses heavily on research & development, with an on-staff food scientist that develops recipes focused on product cost, taste, quality ingredients and consistent recipe design for a consistent experience from store to store.

Also, Juice It Up! doesn’t limit its market to the elite like some smoothie brands, but makes the smoothie lifestyle available to everyone. Juice It Up! is a true lifestyle brand offering what customers want and not just what is trending. Juice It Up! innovated its in-store design to include the first-to-market raw juice bar display and smoothie bowl bar. Juice It Up! also has distinguished its competitive edge with a diverse product line, including an Ever Green Smoothie, and the new Raw Fusion, the first of its kind being offered by a juice bar and smoothie chain.

Innovating Franchises to Operate Like Partnerships
Juice It Up! is a franchisee-focused Company. As a Juice It Up! franchisee, you surround yourself with fresh wholesome natural ingredients and products, new ideas, and a fresh emerging category of customers – people passionate about treating their taste buds and their bodies equally well.

It is Juice It Up’s ambition to infuse a healthy energy into all things, including life, community, and business to support every franchisee in a successful and innovative career.

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