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Juice It Up! Offers The Best Franchises For Veterans

Franchise Opportunities AvailableJuice It Up! franchisee, Willie Smith served in the Marine Corps for 27 years. He had been looking for a franchise to buy because the structures and systems in place for franchisees reminded him of the structure that helped drive success in the Marine Corps. When Smith learned that Juice It Up! encourages franchisees to be involved in their communities, he knew he had found his match. The following is a quote from Willie Smith:

“The military is a strict environment with certain rules and guidelines you have to follow. Owning a franchise is the same way; it’s a proven system, but in order to be successful you have to follow certain guidelines. The military also gives you the confidence to know you can accomplish anything through determination and hard work, but expect problems along the way and work through them.”

As military veterans embark on a search for that next great career, one common opportunity that presents itself is franchising. According to VetFran, there are now 66,000 veteran-owned establishments. Juice It Up! offers the best franchises for veterans and here’s why:

1. Juice It Up! plays to the strengths and interests of military veterans.
A career within the military may end; however, the skills veterans possess do not. Successful franchisees are organized, disciplined, committed, and great communicators. Some of the best qualities service members possess also include the ability to work under pressure and as part of a team. It’s these skills combined with the training and support of Juice It Up! that make military veterans a powerhouse for success.

Additionally, Juice It Up! understands that many military veterans are looking for companies that are supportive of a work-life balance. As a business that is passionate about healthy living, Juice It Up! serves its franchisees to have more success and fewer burnouts.

2. Juice It Up! franchisees find fulfillment after a career in the military.
As veterans worry about finding a job or about their finances and long-term future, they can end up feeling isolated and misunderstood. Juice It Up! has all the resources to help veterans develop a financially successful business and peace of mind.

A Juice It Up! franchise is an exciting career opportunity that gives veterans the structure they are used to and the adrenaline rush they enjoy having from physical and life-challenging situations.

3. Juice It Up! offers discounts to Veterans
To honor those men and women who have served in the U.S. military, the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, known as “VetFran,” was developed to help them transition to civilian life. As a member of VetFran, Juice It Up! believes in giving back to those who have made the great sacrifice for our country and provide those service men and women with an outstanding opportunity to utilize their leadership skills to run a business. For qualified U.S. Vets, Juice It Up! offer a $15,000 reduction in the Franchise Fee, along with an additional incentive, if 2 units are purchased and the second unit is built out within a year of the first unit, the 2nd fee will be fully refunded.

If you are a veteran with integrity, passion and character, who utilizes a teamwork management style and has a strong personal commitment to your community, then Juice It Up! is the ideal business opportunity for you, and can help you to maximize your potential and achieve your goal of owning and operating a successful business.

4. Juice It Up! has the absolute best support team.
Juice it Up! is an established brand with a timeless business model and a proven track record. The company knows what it takes to achieve victory and offers strong franchisee training and support to position franchisees for long term success. Juice It Up! has a vast library of resources, instructional manuals, videos, and marketing support materials to help franchisees with every aspect of setting up their business, and running the day to day operations.

Juice It Up! also has Superior Supply Chain capabilities through strategic partnerships and has partners that are willing to grow with us as the company expands the brand nationwide.

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