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Not All Smoothies Are Created Equal

passion smoothie While there are many smoothie franchise opportunities available in the market today, the industry is still growing. According to the Global Industry Analyst report, the market for global juicing smoothie bars was predicted to reach 10.7 billion by 2015. The opportunity is there, but which smoothie franchise opportunities make the most sense? What company should you partner with for your franchise business? Simply stated, not all smoothie franchise opportunities are the same. There are a couple of factors which set the leaders apart from the pact.

Smoothie Franchise Opportunities – Ingredients Matter
There are many smoothie businesses that do not use the freshest real fruit ingredients. Still others use syrups or puree’s instead of fruit. That is not a smoothie, but it is sold as one. The public buys these syrup based “smoothies” and thinks they are eating healthy, but they are not. Only real fruit smoothies provide the health benefits of healthier eating involving real fruit. Among the major players in the smoothie franchise market, you can bet that they do use real fruit. Even at that, there are companies
that use whatever fruit they can acquire, while others provide
quality locally sourced fruit.

Smoothie Franchise Opportunities – Franchise Support
Many of the new players in the smoothie franchise space don’t know where they are going. They don’t have the resources and support in place to provide franchise owners the tools they need to succeed. There is no established direction in relation to what they want to be. In contrast, the industry leaders know where they are going, who they are, and have extensive resources in place to support their franchisees with set up, sourcing, marketing; everything they need to run a successful smoothie franchise.

Smoothie Franchise Opportunities – Future Growth
The movement across the U.S. for healthier food choices will only increase. People are aware that to have longer life, they need to make changes in their diet, which means eating more fruits and vegetables. A smoothie offers consumers an exciting, refreshing, tasty, and convenient way to eat fruits and vegetables. But why stop with smoothies? The raw juice bar market is just beginning to gain momentum, and it has a lot of nutrition to offer consumers. Juicing is a fantastic way to get all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals out of vegetables and fruits. While there are many smoothie franchise opportunities, there are few pure raw juice bar franchises, and this market is on the cusp of extreme growth.

Juice It Up! IS the Smoothie Franchise Opportunity with the Best Offering
All of the points made here: ingredients, franchise support, and future growth, are all perfectly realized in a Juice It Up! franchise. Juice It Up! uses only the freshest locally sourced fruits and vegetables. They offer franchise owners extensive support, resources, training, marketing plans, and more. Juice It Up! has been in existence for over 20 years and know who they are and where they are going. Juice It Up! is the leader in raw juice bars, having been innovators in this space since inception. While there are many smoothie franchise opportunities available, there are very few juice bar franchises. Juice It Up! gives owners the benefits owning both a healthy smoothie store and a wholesome raw juice bar.

A Juice It Up! Smoothie Franchise – Realize Your Dream
Juice It Up! has been providing smoothie and juice bar franchises to business owners across the U.S. for over 20 years. There are currently over 85 locations in CA, AZ, TX, NM and OR. There are many options and locations available to franchise owners. Some non-traditional locations include college campuses, inside fitness gyms, baseball stadiums, and more. Juice It Up! wants to partner with business owners across the U.S. in locations where people are striving to live healthy lifestyles. Contact Juice It Up! today to find out more about a smoothie store and juice bar franchise and how you can get started in your own Juice It Up! business today!

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