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Own A Juice Bar Franchise In Portland, Oregon And Share The Health

passion smoothieThe raw juice and smoothie industry is exploding nationwide, and you have a great opportunity to own a juice bar franchise in Portland, Oregon with an industry leader. For over 20 years, Juice It Up! has been the innovative industry leader in raw juice drinks. Using the freshest ingredients, and creating some of the most healthy and delicious raw juice blends, Juice It Up! is a fantastic alternative to fast food in every location around the country where stores exist. Right now, Juice It Up! is expanding their franchise offering into Portland, Oregon.

It is no secret that people are very health conscious today. We all want to eat healthier, providing our bodies with optimal fuel for living. However, many of the meal choices we face on a day to day basis leave us with less than desired selections. This is what makes Juice It Up! so unique and a great alternative to the poor food choices people make every day. Healthier eating is not a fad, it is a lifestyle change, and people in Portland, Oregon are serious about what they eat. Even fast food companies are trying to offer healthier alternatives on their menus, but their best efforts don?t compete with the fresh fruits and vegetables you get in a raw juice drink from Juice It Up!

Why is a Portland, Oregon based raw juice franchise a healthier food alternative to fast food? It?s in the ingredients. Juice It Up! only uses the freshest, locally sourced fruits and vegetables in all products. This not only ensures the highest level of quality, it ensures customers are getting the healthiest raw juice drinks available anywhere. Getting the healthiest drinks ensures customers are reaping the many benefits of including raw juice into their daily diet.

Health Benefits of Raw Juice Blends
The health benefits of raw juice drinks are impressive. Not only do people experience increased energy from a regular diet including raw juice drinks, but some also report mental sharpness, weight loss, clear skin, and an overall sense of well-being and knowledge that you are doing something good for your body. In addition to these great benefits, others use raw juice drinks for detox. Many Juice It Up! customers go on juice fasts for one to three day spans. This helps them detoxify their body, and provides optimal nourishment throughout the process.

How to Own a Juice Bar Franchise in Portland, Oregon Today
Juice It Up! provides extensive support and training for all franchise owners. Easily accessible corporate support, marketing plans and materials, blueprints for success, and much more are available to owners. Juice It Up! has been doing this for over 20 years, and know what works for success. In fact, the resources provided by Juice It Up!, including their training and support, are among the most comprehensive in the industry. The guess work is removed with Juice It Up!, and you have one of the most concerning areas under control which is the training and marketing.

Locations for new Juice It Up! stores are plentiful in the Portland, Oregon area. There are many creative options to fit every budget. Across the country, Juice It Up! stores are located in shopping malls, strip centers, baseball stadiums, on college campuses, inside fitness gyms, and other creative spaces. With over 85 locations nationwide, you will be part of a successful family of healthy lifestyle providers.

Contact Juice It Up! today to learn more about the raw juice franchise opportunities in Portland, Oregon with Juice It Up! Everything you need to get your business in place and serving others is provided, all we are waiting for is you! Discover the potential that awaits you today.

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