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The Best Pre-workout Smoothie For Fat Loss And Energy

The ZonePre-workout smoothies are great alternatives to pre-workout shakes, and they help produce incredible fitness results. When ordered to go at Juice It Up!, they are delicious, skillfully prepared by nutrition experts, and convenient to consume on the road. In just a few sips, you can literally absorb all of the nutrients you need to crush your workouts and reach your fitness goals.

What’s the Best Pre-Workout Strategy?

A simple pre-workout snack taken 30-minutes to 1 hour before exercising will drastically boost your efficiency in the gym. Great pre-workout protein smoothies are loaded with healthy fats, carbs for energy, and protein for muscle building. Smoothies from Juice It Up! take minimal effort to obtain, give a quick energy boost, digest easily, and are nutritionally dense. They exist to help you stay hydrated, keep energized, maintain muscle, eliminate hunger, and speed up recovery. It is the best pre-workout drink to help your body achieve maximum performance!

Ingredients that Make a Good Pre-Workout Smoothie

The best pre-workout ingredients are easily digestible, taste good, and are loaded with nutrients. Each of these ingredients can be made to order in a Juice It Up! pre-workout smoothie so that you get the essential foods you need to build energy, increase muscle, and lengthen endurance.

Soy protein. Soy protein is a plant-based protein that comes from soybean. It’s used in pre-workout drinks to maintain muscle and speed up recovery. It’s a great alternative to whey protein for anyone who is vegan or suffers from lactose intolerance. Juice It Up!’s soy boost has 12 grams of protein per serving and can be added to any smoothie.

Whey protein. Derived from milk, whey is an easily absorbable protein source that is easy to digest. It’s an absolutely essential ingredient used in pre-workout smoothies to rebuild cells and tissues. It not only serves to build muscle and support muscle contraction, but it also helps to speed up the recovery of stressed muscles that are broken down during a workout. Juice It Up!’s whey protein boost has 15 grams of protein per serving and can be added to any smoothie.

Beets. Beets are always an excellent pre-workout ingredient. One cup of beets provides approximately 2.5 grams of protein. They also have a natural nitrate that dilates the blood vessels and helps get more nutrients to your muscles while you’re working out. They are high in protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that support immune system health and heart health. They are also excellent source of fiber which helps you sustain energy while you’re working out.

Celery. Celery is extremely low in calories and very nutrient-dense, making it a great ingredient that helps the body regulate its metabolism and lose weight. Its high amounts of antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals (vitamin B,C and potassium) have given it the nickname “nature’s Gatorade.”

Chia. A study found in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that chia seeds boosted workout performance for 90 minutes – the same way a sugar-induced sports drink would, but with all of the unhealthy sugar left out! Chia seeds are also one of the best plant-based proteins that can help you burn fat, regulate blood sugar levels, and build muscle. It’s an amazing ingredient to top your Juice It Up! smoothie.

Almonds and other nuts. ¼ cup of almonds contains nearly 5 grams and protein and 5 grams of fiber that contribute to sustained energy and muscle growth. The healthy Omegas and dietary fiber also inhibit unhealthy snacking and overeating by keeping you fuller for longer. It’s an essential ingredient to cut food cravings and energy dips out of your life.

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Amazing Pre-Workout Smoothies at Juice It Up!

The Zone Pre-Workout Smoothie
Whether it’s snack time or workout time, the Zone is one of the best high protein smoothies to add to your daily line up. Containing non-fat yogurt, banana, peanut butter, peanuts, and your choice of whey or soy protein powder, the Zone packs 32 grams of protein for speedy muscle recovery. This smoothie will greatly enhance your fitness regime and will have your body begging to do one more rep!

Protein Blast

The Protein Blast Pre-Workout Smoothie
Fuel your fitness routine with this blend of antioxidant-rich fruits to boost performance and encourage recovery. It has cranberry/orange juice blend, non-fat yogurt, orange sherbet, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and your choice of 20 grams of whey or soy protein powder. It packs all the important nutrients into a delicious drink and it will help you power through even the toughest workouts.

The Red Fusion Pre-Workout Smoothie
This low-calorie drink is a transparent blend of only fruits and vegetables. Packing pineapple, red grapes, strawberries, cucumber, banana, and revitalizing beets, the Red Fusion is perfect for fueling your workout. It has 6 grams of fiber to sustain your energy and hunger levels and will give you all of the nutrients your body needs. It’s as if nature herself crafted a workout drink just for you!

Any smoothie at Juice It Up! can become a pre-workout “shake” or meal replacement smoothie with our whey and soy protein boosts. Our nutrition experts at Juice It Up! can also make a custom pre-workout smoothie tailored just for you and your goals. Once you start, you’ll be saying “I can’t get my workout done without this.”

Find a Juice It Up! near you today to find your perfect pre-workout smoothie.

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