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Ingredients That Put In The Work For You

  • Beets

    This little red root has proven to increase blood flow to your muscles – great for impact weight training.

  • Celery

    The stalk otherwise known as “Nature’s Sports Drink” – packed with electrolytes that keep your body hydrated naturally.

  • Pineapple

    This fruit is full of an enzyme complex that helps to aid in the repair of muscle tissue – perfect for post-workout recovery.

  • Collagen

    Vital Proteins® collagen is perfect for providing hair, skin, nail and joint support, along with a healthy serving of protein.

  • Whey + Soy Protein

    Promotes healthy muscular development after a workout. Try it in your favorite smoothie!

Smoothies, Bowls & Juices That Fuel Your Body

Whether you’re into cardio, weight training, sports, or just enjoying healthy physical activity routines, we have all the right nutrient-rich ingredients to feed those healthy cravings during your fitness journey.

Pre-Workout Energy

Fresh, raw juice is a direct line of nutrients and vitamins that your body can easily process and utilize to function at its best. Or, if you’re not in the mood for juice quite yet, you can’t go wrong with our Cold Brew Açaí Bowl for that extra boost of energy to make it through your workout.

Post-Workout Recovery

Feeling fatigued? Sweat still rolling down your forehead after that workout? Come replenish those depleted electrolytes and fuel those tired muscles with smoothies and bowls crafted using ingredients specifically for recovery.

Everyday Active

Looking for a pick-me-up before the busy day ahead? Have you been on the go all day and feel in desperate need of a boost? Grab a freshly-made raw juice blend, deliciously blended smoothie, or hand-crafted açaí bowl to handle all that life throws your way.

Feed Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Looking to make a change in your life? Taking a holistic approach to your overall well-being is the one of the best decisions you can make. Take some time, away from all the noise, and focus on your breathing with some yoga or meditation, and nurture your body with quick access to beneficial nutrients like our juices and bowls provide. Feed your inner well-being, remain mindful, and Live Life Juiced!

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