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Why A Juice Shop Business Is A Stable Investment For The Future

Juice Shop

The cultural shift toward healthier eating has created opportunities for many types of businesses including juice shops. People are looking for healthier eating alternatives to fast food, and a raw juice shop is a great way for people to eat healthy food on the go.

The benefits of raw juice are impressive, including mental sharpness, better digestion, energy, potential weight loss, and a general sense of well-being. For most health conscious people considering a healthy meal or raw juice drink in comparison to a fast food hamburger, they will go out of their way to get the raw juice drink. This creates a great opportunity for individuals looking to open their own juice shop.

There are several juice shop franchises available today, but they are not all equal. A couple considerations for choosing the right juice shop franchise business.

  • What makes any one franchise the right choice for you?
  • What is it really going to cost to start a juice shop?

How to choose the right franchise
Of the many choices for starting your own raw juice bar, consider how long the franchise has been in business. You need the ongoing support and training, but you also need an established brand that will be there for you through the years of your business. You need an established company that has great products and is constantly creating new products. The juice franchise parent company should have a track record of great community involvement, and a positive outlook helping to change people’s minds about healthy living through juice. Examine their franchise program, and what benefits and support they provide during all stages of the start-up process and beyond.

Juice ShopOne of the most critical elements when buying a franchise juice bar is the level of training and support you will get as a new business owner. Find out what level of ongoing support you will receive as a franchise owner. What will that support look like? Some examples would be: training, marketing, business support, start-up support, branding, etc.

What are the costs to get started?
You should be able to find online the estimated start-up costs from just about any reputable juice franchise available. Be cautious about any franchise that doesn?t offer you this information. Industry standard for juice shop start-up costs range from 100k to 500k, depending on the location of the store, the amount of build out required, and which franchise company selected. Top franchises will be able to estimate the complete start-up costs, as well as have in place a solid training and marketing plan for you, both at the start of your business and ongoing, once you have launched the store.

Juice Shop Industry Leader – Juice It Up!
For over 20 years, Juice It Up! has continued to be an industry leader in the creation of raw juice drinks and other great products like smoothies, acai & pitaya bowls, and healthy snacks for people all over the country. There are over 85 franchises in operation today, and a number of opportunities still exist in many popular locations throughout the U.S. Juice It Up! provides franchise owners extensive training, support, marketing and advertising throughout the entire start-up process and on into the day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year operations of the juice shop. One unique aspect about Juice It Up! is the access franchise owners have to senior level management for suggestions, advice, training, support, and recommendations. Juice It Up! stores become part of the communities where they exist. Franchise owners tend to be locally involved, and work to promote a healthy lifestyle through juice in their communities.

Juice ShopJuice It Up! is currently expanding nationwide and they want you to be a part of the family! Typically, a Juice It Up! franchise can be started for 150k to 375k. Contact Us today!


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