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Why Juice It Up! Is A Great Franchise For Veterans

franchise opportunities availableVeterans are often marked by their passion to serve others. This is because selflessness in the military is not just an occasional act; it is core part of each individual serviceman and servicewoman. Desires to serve and bring positive change to communities do not just go away once service to the military is complete. Those desires are established deep within are a defining characteristic for veterans for the rest of their lives. Because so few organizations share these core characteristics, veterans have a hard time finding vocational direction after military retirement. This is why Juice It Up! is a great franchise for veterans.

Veterans and Juice It Up! Share the Same Values

Just as community and service are core distinctions of military veterans, they are core distinctions of Juice It Up! franchisees. After a long day’s work, those serving in the military go home to their families feeling proud of their work and service to the United States of America. It’s a great feeling to know that you’re helping others and that’s one of the main reasons veterans choose a Juice It Up! franchise. Helping entire communities transform their health and live life to the fullest reaps immense satisfaction that very few franchises can offer.

Veterans and Juice It Up! Have a Long History Together

Many workplaces and franchises have no experience working with veterans. They do not understand their needs and desires and, as a result, veterans find themselves miserable working alongside them. Juice It Up! on the other hand has an extensive history working with military veterans to create the career opportunity of a lifetime. Juice It Up! understands that after having several jobs in the military, many people find themselves retiring and wanting to be their own boss. Juice It Up! also understands that veterans have a unique positioning for success because:

  • They know how to follow and execute an established, step-by step plan.
  • They thrive in taking initiative.
  • They succeed as a team and feeling supported to do so.

With a Juice It Up! franchise you’ll be able to join other veterans who’ve followed this proven method for success with the help of an experienced, unbeatable support team. One such veteran is Willie Smith, a retired master sergeant after 27 years in the Marines. His story is all about him using leaderships skills learned in the military in a Juice It Up! franchise for veterans to further serve as a positive asset to his community. It’s a decision he is incredibly proud of.

Veterans and Juice It Up! Have Exclusive Privileges

Juice It Up! is incredibly thankful for the immense sacrifices of veterans for the United States. Juice It Up! believes veterans outstanding leadership skills should be honored and rewarded and as such all qualified U.S. veterans receive a $15,000 reduction in the Franchise Fee, a 60% discount. Qualified veterans that purchase two units and build the second unit within one year of the first unit will have the second franchise fee fully refunded.

Because of these reasons, Juice It Up! is ranked as one of the best franchises for veterans. With this opportunity, you’ll be able to meet the needs of your family and continue to serve your community in a way that is meaningful for you.

Veterans that want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Juice It Up! can do so by requesting a franchise kit now.

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