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6 Reasons Juice It Up! Is Perfect For First-time Business Owners

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Starting a business is one of the scariest and most exhilarating experiences you can go through. First time business owners have the pressure to quickly master their target market, business operations, and profitability. A lack of understanding in these areas can lead to a lack of security, a sense of constant discomfort, and/or a lost investment. Juice It Up! understands this and strongly believes that the launch into an entrepreneurial career should be an enjoyable and successful one. When you choose to own a franchise instead of launching your own individual business, you’ll soon realize the many profitable benefits. Here are six reasons a franchise with Juice It Up! is perfect for first-time business owners.

1. Juice It Up! Has a Proven Track Record of Success

When you launch a partnership franchise with Juice It Up! you aren’t starting from scratch. Instead, you as a new franchise owner will be able to build upon the success of a business model that has been around for over 20 years. Partnering with a franchise that has a proven track record with business location establishment, marketing strategies, and operations management means you won’t have to worry that the business model might fail. Choosing a strong, experienced franchise like Juice It Up! is one of the many ways franchisees minimize risk and establish themselves for success.

2. Juice It Up! Has a Reputable Brand

Effectively marketing the products and services of a new business can be crippling for first time business owners. Without the brand reputation, your potential customers have no idea who are you and what you offer. With a strong brand like Juice It Up!, your potential customers will already have heard of your business before you even open the doors. And with an exploding interest in the raw juice and smoothie industry, there are thousands of consumers around the United States that are willing to invest their healthful products and awaiting this business of yours to enter their community.

3. Juice It Up! Has a Valuable Training Program

When searching for the right franchise, it is absolutely necessary that you examine the provided training. How do I pick a location? Find and train personnel? Run the business? Manage finances? These are all questions that can bring serious stress to your life if they are left unanswered. Juice It Up! offers the highest valued franchisee training to ensure you know how to cast vision, build teams, collect and analyze data, manage budgets, anticipate and solve issues, establish processes, and gain traction towards success. There is no need you have that will be unmet during training.

4. Juice It Up! Has Unparalleled Ongoing Support

The best franchisee training programs in the world hardly mean anything if there’s no one to come alongside you and help you implement what you’ve learned. Businesses established on their own don’t get the consulting benefits franchisees experience. With Juice It Up!, operations support stays with you throughout the entire duration of your investment. Lack of assistance to create clear processes, hire the right positions/people, gather data, execute budgets, and align a diverse team can lead to many failures that take years to overcome. With Juice It Up!, business owners experience the entrepreneurial journey with ongoing support and access to our blueprint for success in managing the business so they don’t have to experience the downfalls many first time business owners go through.

5. Juice It Up! Provides Innovative Marketing Strategies

No matter the product or service an entrepreneur endeavors to sell, first time business owners need to know their industry inside and out. This discovery to understand the exact market needs to begin before the launch of the business. No one should ever cut corners on market research because an accurate understanding is critical to business longevity. There are two types of market research to conduct:

A. Primary Market Research:

  • Collected for the Research at Hand
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Test Markets
  • Customer Interviews

This information is received from the business startup team and the respondents they choose; thus, it is highly focused and relevant to their business. Because the methodology needs to be very carefully executed for accurate information, this market research can be very expensive to collect, analyze, and report on. If not done properly, you risk spending massive dollars with data that provides zero benefit to your organization.

B. Secondary Market Research:

  • Usually Collected for Reasons other than the Current Research
  • Published Company Reports Data
  • Government Data
  • Newspaper Reports
  • Existing Surveys and Data

Secondary market research data is usually collected by someone else and is discovered by using search engines, libraries, and other relevant data reporting organizations. It is much cheaper and faster to obtain than primary market research; however, you risk gathering data that is outdated and/or irrelevant to your specific needs.

Getting this step right is an overwhelming and daunting task for new entrepreneurs. This is why Juice It Up! is perfect for first-time business owners. For over 20 years, we’ve invested in the primary/secondary research, developed innovative marketing plans, and reliably launched businesses into profitability. We know how big the juice and smoothie industry is and how to capitalize on it. Partnering with a franchise like Juice It Up! that demonstrates its intimate knowledge of the industry with success story after success story will only put you that much closer to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

6. Juice It Up! Brings Profitability to First-Time Business Owners

In any marketplace, profitability can be a massive challenge if you do not understand what you’re doing. This is because:

  • Changes in the marketplace are relentless
  • Customer expectations are higher than ever
  • Competition is stronger than it’s ever been

If companies aren’t informed or equipped to respond quickly to an ever-changing marketplace environment, expect to see very little on your bottom line.

Juice It Up! has been a leader in the juice and smoothie industry and we understand innovation and profitability. Our marketing and operation plans are finely tuned to turn every dollar you invest into a lucrative return. Don’t go into your first business wishing for the best. Instead, partner with Juice It Up! and go from being a first-time business owner into a long-time business owner.

With a new business, there’s always the possibility of future failure. In certain industries, some businesses are more likely to fail than others. For example, 80% of new restaurants are likely to close within 5 years. This statistic can be terrifying to new entrepreneurs. However, with an established franchise like Juice It Up! you’re much more positioned for success than with any other start up business. The more you know about your market, operations, and profitability, the more advantage, and security you will have. The proven track record of our brand will keep you from closing your doors as we provide everything you need to achieve your goals.

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