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America’s Top Juice Bar Franchises – Juice It Up!

inside Juice It Up! locationThe American population is better educated, wealthier, and is spending higher levels of discretionary income. Coming out of the recession, people are spending more and there has been a cultural shift toward healthy food and the role it plays into lifetime wellness. This is vastly reflected in the $5 billion dollars that Americans spend annually on juicing and smoothies. For these reasons, juice bar franchises are an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this growing market.

Opportunity for Established Juice Bar Franchises
Many of the juice bars concepts flooding into the market are independent juicing stores or start-ups. They have been open two years or less and tend to serve a local niche market. They also target one specific customer type and limit themselves from a broader range of consumers who are seeking healthy options. As with most start-ups or “mom and pop” juice bars, they are still trying to reinvent the wheel and have tons of “figuring it out” to do.

Juice It Up! is an established brand with a timeless business model and a proven track record. Not only are we capitalizing on the trends, but we also have a powerful history behind us – we know what right looks like and so do all our franchisees.

Juice Bar Franchises People Love
Consumers are educated and seeking healthy alternatives to highly caffeinated and artificially sweetened beverages. Juice It Up! is a destination for consumers looking for raw, fresh, healthy juice. Our raw juice blends have been specifically formulated to be both functional and delicious.

Additionally, in a time of increasing consumer concern over the purity and safety of food, Juice It Up! makes each order fresh, right in front of customers’ eyes. It gives each customer a sense of trust and faith in our products and, as a result, Juice It Up! has become the go-to place for many consumers seeking to build a healthy lifestyle.

Innovative Juice Bar Franchises
At Juice It Up!, we are committed to leading the juicing industry in product innovation, and our talented team is constantly at work to stay ahead of the trends. When it comes to quality of ingredients and transparency with our discerning customers, avid juicers and smoothie-lovers alike, we have a responsibility to set the bar high.

One example of innovation is seen in our product, the Raw Fusion. The industry-first product is prepared in a blender and fuses together fresh whole fruits and vegetables to retain 100 percent of the fiber and nutritional properties found in each ingredient. At this time, we are the only chain to offer this type of product at a retail Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) level.

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