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Find Your Perfect Smoothie On-the-go

Strawberry Wave smoothie Our society is pretty much on the go nowadays. Families are raising children, kids are racing to sports practice, business professionals are hustling in their commutes, and students are darting to and from class. In the midst of this busyness, everyone has something in common. They are looking for the best food and drinks to have on the go. These products must excel in sustaining them during their hectic days. Instead of choosing a fast-food cheeseburger, or something that’s fried and quick, individuals are now craving healthier options. More than ever, consumers are looking for something functional. They want something that is purposed to help them thrive. This means more protein, more vitamin boosts, and more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Thus, the smoothie on-the-go has exploded in popularity. No longer are smoothies just for quenching thirst; they are functional drinks that must be well suited to serve a person on-the-go, and make them feel great. Juice It Up! exists to serve our fast-passed society with meaningful products that help others flourish in nutritional well-being. Each our smoothies are healthy, nutrient-dense, filling, energizing, sustaining, and portable. Here are 3 must try drinks for people searching for their perfect smoothie on-the-go.

Strawberry Wave – Smoothie On-the-Go

Try our delicious Strawberry Wave smoothie that is an excellent breakfast on-the-go. It’s packed full of nutrients and will keep you full until lunchtime. The Strawberry Wave is our number one smoothie that has become the foundation of thousands of people’s days. It’s a classic combination of functionality and nutrient-density that contains strawberries, banana, non-fat yogurt, and a signature strawberry juice blend. It is perfect for parents who are searching for something that’s healthy and convenient. It’s also one of the best smoothies for kids and younger teens!

Red Fusion – Smoothie On-the-Go

Whenever you see a Fusion smoothie at Juice It Up!, know that is an exceptionally nourishing drink. Unlike typical smoothies, the Fusion line up contains no juice and no yogurt. It is a transparent blend of raw fruits and vegetables with nothing else added. As a result, the smoothie you get is lower in sugar, lower in calories, and higher in fiber and vitamins. We spent years researching and developing the Fusion line because we understand the unparalleled benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables. No other smoothies can match its perfect balance of impactful nutrition and deliciously refreshing taste. Fusion smoothies are ideal for consumers seeking a fully raw, vegan smoothie; as well as those who are looking for a healthy, on-the-go alternative to blending smoothies at home.

The Red Fusion is an unrivaled smoothie that is loaded with function and flavor to fuel your day. Like all of our Fusion drinks, it’s made with all raw fruits and vegetables, and with no added sugar or juice. It is incredibly nutrient-dense, low-calorie, and is a great meal replacement for someone on-the-go. It is also an excellent dietary supplement for someone that needs to supplement their vitamins and minerals that they’re lacking in their diet. It is also full of fiber which helps you stay full throughout the entire day. Additionally, if you’re someone who needs energy-infusing workout drinks, the Red Fusion has beets which contains natural nitrate that gives you the ignition you need to fly through your routine.

The Zone – Smoothie On-the-Go

If you’ve got lots of meetings and you’re running around to different places, you may not be able to get another source of food for several hours. This smoothie is perfect to hold you over. The Zone comes from our line of protein smoothies. It is packed with 32 grams of whey or soy protein so it’s filling, sustainable, and keeps you full longer. It’s also great for athletes who are looking for high protein smoothies to sustain and build muscle.

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You don’t have to eat unhealthy foods on the go, and you don’t have to begin the day with any inconvenience. All of our smoothies are made-to-go so that you don’t have to burden yourself with the grocery shopping, kitchen appliances, recipes, and clean-up time needed to make your own smoothies. The great thing about Juice it Up! is no matter who you are, the position you’re in, or your age, you’re going to find something on our menu that will meet your daily nutritional needs.

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