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Is Green Juice A Good Way To Get Your Daily Vegetable Intake?

various smoothies and ingredients Green juice is a mix of green vegetables and fruits that are squeezed or compressed to get the nutrients they contain. One of many benefits of green juice is that you can get more nutrients because you can juice a larger amount of food than you would normally eat. For example, two pounds of salad can be condensed down to one glass of green juice. Doctors routinely state that eating greens help provide optimal health, and people all over the U.S. are finding that this is true. Nutrients from juicing enter your body more quickly than with cooked vegetables, they are easier to digest, and they can taste great!

Juice It Up! Green Juice Blends Taste Great!
Juice It Up! has been creating and offering raw juice drinks to customers for over 20 years. Green juice can taste great, especially as part of a Juice It Up! blend. Not all green juice blends are the same. Juice It Up! has taken the time to develop green juice recipes that not only provides the great health benefits of green juice, but that tastes great as well. There are several custom Juice It Up! green juice blends that are perfect for refreshing nourishment or a rejuvenating juice cleanse.

  • The Energizer – This juice has deep greens including spinach. It provides great natural energy instead of opting for an unhealthy energy drink.
  • The Immunizer – This is the green juice standard. Drinking an Immunizer is equivalent to eating a half bunch of celery, a half head of kale, 2 apples, a whole cucumber, and a lemon.
  • The Detoxifier – This is a great green juice drink that cleanses and renews the digestive system.

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Juice It Up! green juice drinks taste great and are also available as grab and go drinks for added convenience. Drinking green juice is new to many people, and Juice It Up! has made this new experience easy and convenient. All of the guesswork has been taken away. Simply go into a Juice It Up! raw juice bar, select a made to order drink from one of the four green juice blends, and drink it. Juice It Up! is living healthy, it’s that simple.

Learn More About Juice It Up! and the Great Juice Blends Available
Juice It Up! has been providing smoothie and raw juice blends to customers for over 20 years. Find out more about the nutritional values of Juice It Up! smoothies and raw juice blends HERE.

There are currently over 85 locations in CA, AZ, TX, NM and OR. Find a Juice It Up! in your area HERE.

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