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Jamba Juice Franchise Information – What Are The Options?

pitaya sunset smoothieJamba Juice franchise opportunities are still available in selected markets. Many people go down the road of owning a Jamba Juice franchise because they don’t know there are other established and successful options available in the market. There are several things to consider when looking at a Jamba Juice franchise compared with any other offering:

  1. Quality of the products offered.
  2. Opportunities and markets available.
  3. Cost of starting a franchise.
  4. Corporate support for franchisees.
  5. Community involvement and promotion of healthy living.

Quality of products is really at the top of the list when considering a Jamba Juice franchise. Are the best ingredients being used? Where are they sourced from, and how fresh are they? In contrast, consider a Juice It Up! franchise opportunity. All of the ingredients a Juice It Up! store uses for their raw juice blends are the freshest locally sourced fruits and vegetables available.

Opportunities and markets available becomes very relevant when looking to start a Jamba Juice smoothie store. This is an issue with Jamba Juice because many development opportunities in the U.S. are limited. Jamba Juice requires multi-layered development. They may require a minimum commitment of 3 – 5 stores. In some territories, the minimum may be even higher. In contrast, Juice It Up! offers single unit ownership as well as multi unit opportunities. Juice It Up! has franchise opportunities throughout the U.S., giving prospective franchisees unlimited opportunities and a wealth of available locations.

Cost of starting a franchise is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. A Jamba Juice single unit store costs between $346,000 – $619,000 to open. A single Juice It Up! juice bar ranges between $249,000 – $344,000. Owning a Juice It Up! can cost about 1/2 what a comparable Jamba Juice store would be.

Corporate support for franchisees is imperative. Jamba Juice is a publicly traded company. There are levels of management that questions and concerns need to go through in order to be addressed. Communication can be problematic when dealing with a publicly traded company of Jamba Juice’s size and management structure. Juice It Up! is a privately held company. Juice It Up! franchise owners work very closely with the parent company and senior management. Juice It Up! management acts fast and smart. If a Juice It Up! franchise owner has an idea for a product, they listen. Juice It Up! franchise owners come directly to the leadership, and they get results. In addition, Juice It Up! provides franchise owners incredible training, ongoing support, marketing plans and materials… everything necessary for success.

Community involvement and promotion of a healthy lifestyle is important to the raw juice industry as a whole. Juicing is healthy, and people who juice enjoy the health benefits of this enjoyable lifestyle. Juice It Up! franchise owners are individuals from all walks of life that enjoy a healthy lifestyle and enjoy helping others live healthy lifestyles. Juice It Up! business owners are involved in their community. They seek ways to promote healthy living through community events and activities. A Juice It Up! owner is seen as an advocate for healthy living.

Jamba Juice Franchise Info – Why Juice It Up! Is a Better Choice
Juice It Up! has been offering raw juice and smoothie bar franchises to business owners across the U.S. for over 20 years. There are currently over 85 locations in CA, AZ, TX, NM, and OR. There are a wide variety of options and locations available throughout the U.S. for prospective franchise owners. Some non-traditional locations include college campuses, inside fitness gyms, baseball stadiums, and more. However, prospective Juice It Up! owners are not limited to these areas. Locations in small shopping centers, malls, etc. are all available options. Juice It Up! is seeking business owners across the U.S. in locations where people are seeking to live healthy lifestyles. Customers come to Juice It Up! to get the highest quality raw juice blends and smoothies available in the market. Since 1995, Juice It Up! has been helping business owners start successful juice and smoothie bars by providing them with outstanding support, training and marketing materials in addition to assistance getting a location, and getting the business in place and operational. Contact Juice It Up! today to find out all the details about a Juice It Up! raw juice and smoothie bar and the unlimited potential that exists.

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