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Juice Bar Franchise Opportunities – A Pathway To A Healthy Lifestyle

protein blast smoothieJuice bar franchise opportunities continue to grow nationwide as people realize their eating habits are unhealthy. For years, fast food has provided a convenient way for many families and individuals to get their lunch or dinner. Until now, it was difficult and time consuming to get the nutrients found in raw juicing. Because of the time and effort involved, people would just default to the easy solution, fast food. Juice bar franchise opportunities have changed this. Now, people have the great health benefits of raw juice in the convenience of a local juice store. Customers can grab and go one of several juice products that meet their nutritional needs, and forego the fast food options they have fallen victim to for years. People are choosing to add healthy raw juice to their diet, many on a daily basis, for the health and nutritional benefits they receive.

Juice Bar Franchise Opportunities – A Business with a Future
According to Global Industry Analysts, the market for global juicing and smoothie bars was predicted to reach 10.7 billion by 2015. Opening a juice bar franchise is a great opportunity to be an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. The need to eat healthy is not a trend, it is the result of the fact that a healthy diet contributes to a longer and healthier life. As more and more people make choices to eat healthier, a raw juice bar franchise will continue to meet the raw juice needs of those people.

What Raw Juice Bar Franchise Opportunity Should You Consider?
When selecting a juice bar franchise opportunity, it is important that you seek an industry leader as your partner. There are only a few companies specializing in juicing, while there are many different smoothie companies. Juice It Up! is the industry leader in raw juice bars. Since 1995, Juice It Up! has been creating unique raw juice blends, along with other healthy products including handcrafted real fruit smoothies, for health conscious people. Juice It Up! has continued to be ahead of trends when it comes to product development, raw juice blends, and the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. They specialize in developing products that support a healthy lifestyle. The experience and knowledge of the marketplace, consumer needs, and juice blend trends all keep Juice It Up! as the leader in the raw juice bar market.

A Juice It Up! Juice Bar Franchise Opportunity – Get Started Today
Juice It Up! has been offering juice bar franchises to business owners across the U.S. for over 20 years. There are currently over 85 locations in CA, AZ, TX, NM and OR. There are many options and locations available to prospective franchise owners, both traditional and non-traditional. Some non-traditional locations have included college campuses, inside fitness gyms, baseball stadiums, and more. Juice It Up! is seeking business owners across the U.S. in locations where people desire to live healthy lifestyles. Contact Juice It Up! today to find out more about a juice bar franchise opportunity and how you can get started in your own Juice It Up! business today!

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