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Juice Bar Franchises: Healthy Food Solutions

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In the U.S., there is a cultural shift toward healthy products and long-term wellness, making a juice bar franchise the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to establish a growing and rewarding business. The CDC reports more than 1/3 of adults are obese. There is a concern over the purity and safety of food. A juice bar franchise provides a solution to those issues, helping people make a lifestyle change that provides them healthier food choices on a daily basis.

Juice Bar Franchise – Positioned for Future Growth
What does the future hold for juice bars? The answer is expanding growth. There is already a movement across the country for healthier living, and healthier food choices. A juice bar franchise fits this cultural change perfectly. According to Global Industry Analysts, the market for global juicing and smoothie bars was predicted to reach 10.7 billion by 2015. A juice bar franchise is a very logical choice to meet the growing demand for healthy living that is moving across America.

What Juice Bar Franchise Should You Consider?
Juice bars will often serve smoothies, but they specialize in “Juicing,” which is inherently different than a smoothie. Raw juice is full of nutrients including vitamins and minerals. This juice comes directly from the vegetables and fruits used to create a juice drink. It is pure directly from the source. A smoothie contains fruits, juice, yogurt or sherbet, ice, and other ingredients which are all blended to create the drink.

When selecting a juice bar franchise, it is imperative you work with an industry leader. While there are many companies specializing in smoothies, there are few companies specializing in juicing. Juice It Up! is the strongest franchise in raw juice bars. Since 1995, Juice It Up! has been creating unique raw juice blends, along with other healthy products including smoothies, for health conscious people. Juice It Up! is way ahead of the curve when it comes to product development, trends in blends and seasonality of fruits and vegetables, and developing products that support a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, the experience and knowledge of the marketplace, consumer needs, and juice blend trends, keep Juice It Up! as the industry leader in the raw juice bar market.

So What Does a Juice Bar Franchise Owner Look Like?
Juice It Up! juice bar franchise owners are people who are passionate about healthy living, and seeing others enjoy the benefits of healthy living. Juice It Up! owners see the bigger picture, are great leaders, ambitious, and ethical. They are out in the community, seeing people, making a difference in people’s lives, building the brand. Juice It Up! is an exciting brand and product that everyone can enjoy. The leadership provides franchisees excellent marketing plans and a plethora of marketing tools, templates and resources. There are also extensive ongoing training and marketing to help franchisees build their business in their local community through schools, local businesses, and organizations.

A Juice It Up! Juice Bar Franchise – Realize Your Dream
Juice It Up! has been offering juice bar franchises to business owners across the U.S. for over 20 years. There are currently over 85 locations in CA, AZ, TX, NM and OR. There are many options and locations available to prospective franchise owners. Some non-traditional locations include college campuses, inside fitness gyms, baseball stadiums, and more. Juice It Up! is seeking business owners across the U.S. in locations where people desire, or are starting to desire, to live healthy lifestyles. Contact Juice It Up! today to find out more about a juice bar franchise and how you can get started in your own Juice It Up! business today!

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