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Small Business Franchise Opportunities In The Health And Wellness Category

passion smoothie There are many great small business franchise opportunities across the U.S. One exciting category that is seeing real growth is in the health and wellness category. While a healthy food franchise provides great opportunities, there are several factors that need to be carefully considered when deciding to buy a franchise opportunity with a health and wellness focus.

Three Key Factors: Growth Potential, Product Offering, Franchise Cost and Support

A small business franchise opportunity in health and wellness that is continuing to see growth is the raw juice and smoothie market. Year after year this market is steadily growing and was predicted to reach 10.7 Billion by 2015. We are referring here to the real fruit smoothie market which includes raw juice bars.

People are looking for healthier alternatives to fast food and unhealthy eating. Raw juice provides the nutrients people are looking for in a meal with the ease and convenience of a drink. The best news is that they don?t have to press juice in a juicer and clean up afterward, they can visit a raw juice bar instead, which is just as conveniently as going to a fast food restaurant.

The benefits of raw juice are impressive: mental sharpness, cleansing and weight loss, detox and increased energy are just a few advantages. These are just a few of the reasons why a raw juice and smoothie bar make a great small business franchise opportunity.

Second, what products are offered, and is there any innovation with new products or menu items? Companies on the move are developing new products, constantly innovating. For a health and wellness focused business, it is imperative to be innovative with the product offering. A healthy menu with new variations and additions in the pipeline will give you a good sense of how successful they will be into the future.

The third consideration is the franchise cost and support? Is the small business franchise opportunity you are considering affordable and supportive of franchise owners? In a lot of ways, it does come down to the financing. Is the franchise something that you can launch into now or will it require additional financial resources? Next, look at the training and support. How extensive is it? Will the franchise provide you with the training, support, marketing plans and materials, and a path to success that others have discovered? Spending the resources and time to get into a franchise just to learn that the support and training aren?t comprehensive won?t be profitable for you. There are great small business franchise opportunities available with exceptional training and support.

Consider a Raw Juice Bar Small Business Franchise with Juice It Up!

For over 20 years, Juice It Up! is consistently an industry leader in the raw juice and smoothie category. The product menu is constantly evolving, with new products and variations being created regularly. Franchise costs are affordable and tailored to your budget. There are many different types of store locations, from kiosks at a baseball stadium to a strip center store front with many more options in addition to those.

The level of training, support, marketing plans and success coaches are the most comprehensive in the industry by design. Juice It Up! knows what it takes to be successful and they want to transfer that knowledge to all their franchise owners. Over and over, franchise owners choose Juice It Up! for the top quality products, excellent corporate response and support, success potential, and the chance to be involved in their local community, offering them great healthy alternatives to fast food every day of the week.

Contact Juice It Up! while the small business franchise opportunities in your area are still available. You will get all the materials you need to make an educated decision and start your new raw juice and smoothie bar franchise with Juice It Up!

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