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Starting A Juice Bar – Read This First!

Starting a juice bar is exciting and a great way to provide healthy refreshments to the community around you. Offering customers raw juice drinks, smoothies, and healthy snacks are all great ways to change peoples’ perception of snacks and help them start eating healthier and enjoying a healthier lifestyle through juice. To make the most of your fresh juice shop, here are some great points to help make starting a juice bar an enjoyable experience for you.

Here are some important considerations to take into account before starting a juice bar:

  1. Are you starting this on your own or are you buying a franchise?
  2. If a franchise, what do you know about them, what makes them the best choice for you?
  3. What type of training, support, and marketing materials are available for you?
  4. What are the capital requirements and how do you go about get started?

If you are starting a juice bar on your own, there are a myriad of things to set up and get in place before you can open. You need a location with build-out, all the appropriate permits for business, food sourcing, equipment, employees, training, apparel, and patience, along with a good amount of financial resources. When you choose a franchise, you get assistance with all the above mentioned needs, except the money, of course. The point is, there are a lot of unforeseen needs that come up when opening a fresh juice shop from scratch. Going with a well-known, respected, trusted, and great raw juice franchise is something you should definitely consider.

So what juice bar franchise to select? You should consider how long they have been in business, what their franchise program looks like regarding setup training, marketing, offering; what items are on the menu, what are people saying about them, and what are their future plans for growth. Juice It Up! has been creating healthy raw juice drinks since 1995. Currently, they have over 85 franchise locations located across the U.S. with opportunities in multiple locations. They have an extensive training, support, and marketing program for franchise owners. The menu at a Juice It Up! is loaded with great raw juice drinks, fruit smoothies, antioxidant-rich acai and pitaya bowls, and healthy snacks. People love their Juice It Up! drinks and stores.

Business continues to increase. The culture is shifting to eating healthier nationwide, and Juice It Up! provides a unique way for people on the go to get the nutritious food, for a single meal or for the entire day, that not only provides them with the nutrition they seek, but also increased energy, mental sharpness, and higher productivity. Juice It Up! has a healthy social media community in addition to the communities located around every Juice It Up! store. The future is healthy for Juice It Up! New drinks are being added to the raw juice menu, along with new smoothie blends and healthy snacks. Expansion continues with new franchises opening nationwide. Juice It Up! is quickly becoming a nationally known raw juice brand with locations in multiple states, and they want you to be a part of it!

How to Open a Fresh Juice Shop?
Juice It Up! has the most extensive training, support, and marketing available to franchise owners over all other raw juice bar franchises. Literally everything you need to run a successful Juice It Up! is available to you from an accessible, and helpful, leadership team. It’s one thing to have training and marketing resources available, it is another thing when you are personally shown how to use the resources from a team that knows how to get results. That is what Juice It Up! is all about.

What are the costs of a Juice It Up! franchise and how can you get started? Typically, a Juice It Up! franchise can be started for under 375k, sometimes well under 375k. Usually, the costs run between 150k and 395k depending on location, build-out, and other variables. Locations can be anywhere from strip malls, shopping centers, kiosks, baseball parks, airports, inside fitness centers and gyms, college campuses, and many more locations. Find out more about the costs and criteria HERE.

To get started, check out the Juice It Up! Franchise Resource Section of the site to get all the info you need up front. Then you can call to speak with someone personally when you are ready to take the next step.

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